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Bridesmaid Duties
What the Bride will expect from the Bridesmaids

Now that you have been given the duty of chief bridesmaid you need to know what to expect. The most important duty of a chief bridesmaid is to:

• Follow the brides instructions & smile whilst doing it.

• Even if the instruction is a bark or a scream the perfect chief bridesmaids smile should never leave her face......believe me, your patience will be tested ladies.

• Your most important job before we get to your main duties is to ensure that

• The Bride is treated like & truely believes that she is a queen on her all important day.


Below is a list of what is ahead of you;

First of all ladies clear your schedule at least 6 months before the big day...You are going to be busy!

Prior to the big day you may be required to:

Aid with the entire wedding plans eg: themes, music, colour schemes etc...

Help find the most amazing wedding dress imaginable

Advise the bride on bridesmaids dresses and accessories...carefully steering her away from the peach meringues!

Make yourself and the other bridesmaids available for dress fittings

Help with preparing and posting invitations – Offer seditives when the mother of the bride decides that the next door neighbours, fathers friend MUST come as she was invited to their sons wedding....8 years ago!

Help prepare the rehersal dinner if applicable

Help make endless, thorough to-do list - Help the bride find her endless, thorough to-do list when they go walkabout.

Remind the bride of her need to have “Something Old, Something New, Something Blue”.

PREPARE THE HEN – Or contact us. Let us do all the hard work and you take all the credit!


On the big day you may be required to:

Be bright eyed and bushy tailed on the morning of your beautiful brides big day! You should bear resemblance to “Mary Poppins – drill sergeant style”

Assuming she has found her to do list...ensure all is going according to plan!

Ensure there are tasty treats & lots of bubbly on hand to help with the butterflies during the morning preperations.

Monitor the brides hair & make up and help with touch ups throughout the day. If your brides waterproof mascara becomes not so waterproof be ready to rescue.

Have a “Wedding party survival kit” stowed away incase of any disasters – This should consist of: safety pins, needle & thread (varying colours), make up, nail file, deodrant & heel glue.

At the church you must ensure the brides train & veil are perfect at all times.

Hold the bouquet throughout the ceremony

Sign the register

Smile endlessly for all the pictures – Even if it is raining or snowing, your feet feel like they have 3rd degree burns and you really need to wee!

Ask guests to sign the guestbook

Ensure you keep a record of all gifts received

Follow the first dance - Prop the best man up if you have to, just make sure you dance!

Decorate the wedding bed – Put romantic rose petals on the bed & your imaginaton can take care of the rest!

Most importantly be prepared for temper tantrums, tears, panic attacks & sore feet!
Be ready for the worst but expect the best!

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