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Pink Ladies Theme

How to do a Pink Ladies Themed Hen Party:
Grease the Movie. The Pink Ladies consist of Rizzo, Frenchy, Marty, and Jan... Not to mention “Sandy”.

Pink Ladies Themed Hen Party Invitations
The Invites should outline the date, location and it should specify if costumes are mandatory or not it must show straight off that it is a “Pink Ladies” themed hen party that is the most important point.
Pink Ladies Themed Invitations

Pink Ladies Theme Party Attire
If you are doing the Pink Ladies theme the Pink Ladies jackets over Black Jeggings (Think about tight leather or pleather for more of an edgy look) and Black top is the ultimate outfit however a Simple T.Shirt with Pink Ladies on it & Perhaps their name such as “RIZZO” is also a good look. Think about a pink scarf, leopard print scarf, polka dotted scarf, or cat eye sunglasses chew pink bubblegum to add to the overall look. Dont forget to have a Black Leather Jacket to make the Bride to be “Sandy”.


Pink Ladies Themed Party Hair & Make Up
Grease was set in the 1950’s so diner food is the menu for the evening. Hamburgers with a tall root beer float and french fries on the side. Mix up some strawberry, chocolate or vanilla milkshakes to wash it down. Cup Cakes with Diner & 1950’s Themed toppers are just right for dessert.

The Pink Lady Cocktail as seen in the picture below is a classic gin-based cocktail with a long history.
1.5 oz. Gin | 4 dashes grenadine | 1 egg white

Preparation : Shake ingredients very well with ice and strain into cocktail glass. Garnish with a cherry.

hair and make up

Pink Ladies Themed Party Food
You have various options to capture the Pink Lady look. You can throw your hair up in a pony tail and tie a scarf around it, or you can purchase a wig with an outward flip that's reminiscent of the 1950s.

Use Typical 1950’s style: Define the eyebrows, for your eyes, apply a thick layer of eyeliner on your top lids, to create the “cat-eye” look. You may also wish to use some large, full false lashes to further enhance your eyes. Finally, put a thick layer of bright red lipstick all over your lips.  

paert favors and food

Pink Ladies Themed Party Decor
To keep the theme going all evening Decorate the Dinner table or the room with Streamers to emulate the dance scene from the Movie. Use red and white for Rydell High, and use plenty of crepe paper streamers and balloons to keep the innocent, upbeat feeling of the 50s alive. Hang old records from the ceiling and on the walls. 

Decorate with a real or inflatable jukebox (Or a Cut Out) and hanging inflatable guitars from the Roof. Find "Grease" movie posters and other 50s-themed posters to hang on the walls. Use old-fashioned ketchup bottles and napkin holders on the table at the party.


Pink Ladies Theme Party Activity/Package
Do the Super Slumber Party package in Athlone with the Grease Movie to get you all in the mood with Karaoke after the movie so you can sing your heart out to all the 1950’s Classics.

Let us arrange a dance class for you and learn how to Jive 1950’s Style anywhere in Ireland.

Pink Ladies Theme Accessories

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